Walnut – Segovia

Segovia’s textural qualities and exotic grain pattern result in an organic, yet sophisticated look that enhances both traditional and modern interiors.

​Our skilled craftsmen individually select and handcraft each plank to create gorgeous, naturally stunning floors. The bevels of every board are hand chiseled, and all surface texturing is done by hand to create a random timeworn surface.

Collection: Legacy Plank
Colour Name: Segovia
Species: Walnut
Origin: North America
Sheen: Low gloss matte
Look: VintageCRAFT Hand-worked

Width: 8″
Thickness: 5/8″
Lengths: Random 1’ to 8′ lengths
SF Per Box: 42
LongCRAFT: 10ft length – 53sf/box

Grain: The planks selected for a Devonshire floor will be predominantly heartwood but will contain some sapwood, although the heartwood/sapwood distinction is somewhat muted by the surface treatment process.

Moulding: Colour-coordinated T-Mouldings, Vents, Reducers, and Stair Nosings are available.

Temperature: 15-26 C (65-80 F)
Relative Humidity: 30-50%
Installation: Install below, on or above grade.
See Installation Instructions below for more detail.
Warranty: 30-Yr Residential and 3-Yr Light Commercial
​Environmental: FloorScore Certified

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