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With a top-quality bathroom flooring solution complete with a personalised shower, you can relax, unwind and bathe in total comfort after a tough day. Moore Flooring + Design is here to help if you’re looking for a fully custom shower and bathroom flooring renovation in your home or commercial location. Our complete customized shower design and remodeling service will transform your bathroom into a room you simply can’t get enough of. 

At Moore Flooring we can help you to pick out the materials and fully install a custom shower or bath to suit every need or style. Get help renovating the splash walls and tiling, updating the furnishing and simply upgrading and elevating the look of your shower. . We provide the complete spectrum of characteristics, products and technologies to provide the best possible personalised shower experience. Beyond that, we can even give you expert advice on how to select different shower heads, rollers, water functions, shampoo dispensers and even ambient lighting! Don’t settle for an average shower experience when you can make an elegant and luxury shower experience for an affordable price right here in London.

No Custom Design Restrictions

Will you have unique requirements for your shower? Not an issue. We create showers in a wide range of sizes, forms, colours and textures that offer endless design choices.

Luxury Glass, Fixtures & Tiling

Choose a beautiful glass and custom tile shower pairing. For any size area, you can create personalized shower enclosures based on our expert  recommendations.

Cost Effective Home Update

A customised tiled shower not only gives you a place to relax, it also increases the value of your home. Our experts keep your costs down and return on investment up!

The staff at Moore Flooring + Design each have years of experience in providing London and Southwestern Ontario with the highest level of flooring service and craftsmanship. We provide home, commercial and multi-use flooring solutions in order to align perfectly with your budget and expectations. Whatever your requirements, from start to finish our team can work with you to ensure that the custom shower design you’ve envisioned gets executed. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your dream.

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