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Moving into a new building, or revamping the existing one, are both big steps for business. The manner in which you introduce yourself not only to your clients but also to your employees leaves more than your company first impression. Your services and products can be great but the values of your business will still be reflected in your retail space. Flooring is more difficult than a new paint coat, and is actually a big project.

What impression do you expect to make with your place of business? The correct flooring will make all the difference if you are trying to please your customer base.

The flooring area also has a very useful role. Health buildings receive a great deal of foot traffic and wear from medical equipment, which will have specific office space requirements from a law firm.

Retail sectors adhere to visual branding criteria and brand strategy for businesses. You may not be a franchisee but for the dream of the company identity you should also take these ideas into consideration. High-end fashion-focused stores would need to offer a stylish design with a product like hardwood floors. Other storefronts may have budgetary requirements and opt for more pragmatic utilitarian options like vinyl and carpet. Carpet tile is another common option for workstations where a softer design is needed.

High Traffic Options

Let's seriously consider the high traffic nature of your workspace and plan for the best possible flooring solutions.

Safety and Non-Slip Materials

You can count on us to give you commercial flooring that protects your staff from accidents. We have lots of floor styles that are safe to work and walk all over!

Colors Reflect Branding Scheme

You don't have to be a franchise to strongly incorporate brand colours in your decor. Let's match the floors to your company brand!

Your commercial or industrial property floor takes a lot of abuse, particularly if you use toxic substances to manage a food or fabrication plant. Your choice of floor coverings has a huge effect on its surface protection, hygiene and toughness.

Tiles and vinyl can be used for high-traffic areas, but they may become inconvenient for long-standing workers or customers. Your aesthetic choices will need to perfectly fit with the needs of your company. Moore Flooring + Design is here to help!

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