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COREtec Flooring coretec flooring for Moore Flooring + Design webpage COREtec Flooring


COREtec Flooring coretec flooring for Moore Flooring + Design webpage COREtec Flooring


All About COREtec Flooring

Moore Flooring + Design is pleased to offer the full line of COREtec Flooring luxury vinyl products. You’ll find vinyl flooring that looks like authentic wood and stone, right down to the ultra-realistic textures and patterns in a vast array of shades. There are so many different types, and all their layouts use individual planks that form a uniform-yet-realistic look using pieces that don’t need the acclimation like hardwood and laminate.

What Makes COREtec A Luxury Vinyl Option?

Shaw Floors believes in making flooring for “real life and real homes.” Their collections include beautiful hardwood, resilient laminate, luxury vinyl, tile and stone flooring, and carpeting and area rugs in many different colours and patterns. All these options are backed by excellent manufacturer warranties for added peace of mind. Shaw Floors has been designing floors with the average home in mind since its founding. Their commitment to quality means you’ll find many excellent options that resist stains and water while keeping their vibrancy in high-traffic rooms. You’ll find high-quality choices that can make all your rooms look and feel inviting, personable, and just like home! Like our team, Shaw Floors believes that everyone should be able to achieve a good design in any room on any budget. The flooring you choose for your space – whether it’s the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, or any other spot – should be both comfortable and stylish. The flooring you choose should mean a lot to you and welcome others to your home. With some help from the experts at the Moore Flooring + Design showroom, you’ll find the right Shaw Floors product to match your individual needs!

Shaw Floors: Innovative Products And A Commitment To Sustainability

COREtec is an outstanding blend of beauty, practicality, and durability! Depending on the style, your COREtec floor comes to us as planks or tiles that have a micro bevel edge, giving it the look and consistency of true hardwood flooring. It not only closely resembles hardwood, but it also has this flooring’s realistic texture and graining. Your guests may not ever know the floor isn’t real hardwood!

COREtec flooring uses sandwich construction to get the right look and strength. It has a top layer of film over the decorative image, a middle layer made of an extruded composite of wood plastic or stone plastic, and a bottom layer of an underlayment made up of materials based on the price point you want. For their Pro series, the bottom layer is an underlayment of cork, providing extra insulation to the floor and absorbs noise made while walking on the floor. 

COREtec provides many different looks, using details like wider planks, longer planks and multi-tones within the wood. The layering of the planks makes them easy to clean and hide minor unevenness that may exist on the floor. Walking on the product is also comfortable and quiet!

Shaw Floors: Innovative Products And A Commitment To Sustainability

COREtec’s manufacturer, USFloors, is committed to using only sustainable resources for its line of vinyl flooring. They use recycled wood and biodegradable bamboo in their core layer, and their standards comply with rigorous U.S. and European environmental standards. By following strict Forest Stewardship Council guidelines, USFloors avoids clear cut or non-managed plantations. They even received the Green Step Award in 2010!

COREtec is also the ideal option for keeping your indoor air clean. USFloors uses only low-emitting virgin vinyl and coats everything with a zero-volatile chemical or VOC natural oil. You can trust this flooring option not to create or exacerbate breathing problems!

Shaw Floors: Innovative Products And A Commitment To Sustainability

At Moore Flooring + Design, you’ll find the COREtec vinyl flooring in many styles and colours. From Plus Tiles to Pro Plus Enhanced, you can install the full line of COREtec products on top of most even floor surfaces. You can even have us install it over concrete, hardwood, and other vinyl. Their line is waterproof, letting it stand up in areas that see a lot of water or moisture – bathrooms, kitchens, front hallways, etc.

Come to the Moore Flooring + Design showroom or contact our knowledgeable team to see which COREtec luxury vinyl product is right for your needs. You’ll see the flooring looks reflect what makes your home yours at prices that work for your budget!

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